8 Print-On-Demand Products To Sell Besides Oversaturated T-shirts and Mugs

When you hear print-on-demand products, the first thing that comes to mind is probably custom t-shirts or mugs. But what you may not know is that print-on-demand has a lot more in-demand products than just those two items. In fact, print-on-demand can be used for a wide variety of products, including personalized cutting boards, custom metal signs, aromatherapy candles with printed quotes, jewelry with message cards, personalized photo pendants, engraved watches and keychains, and acrylic wall art.

Print-on-demand has become incredibly popular in recent years, especially as the increasingly vibrant online marketplace makes it easier than ever for businesses to connect with customers and offer them unique products that they won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re interested in print-on-demand but want to avoid the oversaturated t-shirt and mug market, here are eight print-on-demand products that are sure to stand out:

1. Custom Cutting Boards

Custom Cutting Boards - Print-On-Demand Products

Personalized cutting boards make for a great print-on-demand product because they are both practical and stylish. There are endless possibilities for customization, from engraving a family name or monogram to printing a favorite recipe or inspirational quote. Plus, they make great gifts for just about anyone on the customer’s list!

2. Die-Cut Metal Signs

Die-Cut Metal Signs - Trending Print-On-Demand Products

Metal wall art is another “print-on-demand” product that can be sold in many niches, from rustic farmhouse décor to modern and minimalist home wall art. Die-cut metal signs are versatile print-on-demand products that can be tailored to any customer’s taste.

3. Candles with Printed Quotes

Candles With Printed Quotes - Print-On-Demand Products

Aromatherapy candles are a popular print-on-demand product because they offer both function and decoration. Adding a printed quote to the candle label is a simple way to personalize the product and make it unique.

4. Jewelry with Message Cards

Jewelry With Message Cards - Print-On-Demand Products

Print-on-demand jewelry is a great way to offer personalized gifts that are sure to be cherished. By adding a message card, you can add an extra touch of thoughtfulness and sell jewelry literarily in any niche for both men and women.

5. Personalized Photo Pendants

Personalized Photo Pendants - Print-On-Demand Products

Another print-on-demand jewelry option is personalized photo pendants. These make for a great gift because they are both personal and unique. Customers love personalized necklaces and bangles.

6. Engraved Watches

Engraved Watches - Print-On-Demand Products

Engraved watches are another print-on-demand product that makes a great gift. You can engrave a special message, date, or coordinates on the watch to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

7. Keychains with Engraved Messages

Keychains With Engraved Messages - Print-On-Demand Products

Keychains are an underrated print-on-demand product because they offer both function and style. By engraving a message, quote, or coordinates on the keychain, you can create a unique and personal gift.

8. Acrylic Wall Art

Acrylic Wall Art - Print-On-Demand Products

Acrylic wall art is a print-on-demand product that can be printed in any style, from abstract to landscape. You can even print customer’s photos on acrylic for a truly unique print-on-demand product. With its sleek and modern design, acrylic wall art is sure to be a hit with customers of all ages.

Whether print-on-demand products are used as home décor, personalized gifts, or promotional materials, they are versatile and can be tailored to suit any customer’s taste. Whether you’re selling print-on-demand products online or in a brick-and-mortar store, be sure to offer a variety of print-on-demand products to appeal to the widest range of customers.

In order to be successful in print-on-demand, it is important to offer products that differ from those of your competitors. By choosing unique print-on-demand products, you can set yourself apart and attract customers looking for something special. These are just a few examples of print-on-demand products that can help you stand out from the competition. So whether you are looking to sell personalized cutting boards, print-on-demand jewelry, or something else entirely, print-on-demand has something for everyone! When it comes to print-on-demand, the sky’s the limit!

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