Compare Printful vs. Printify

the leaders in the print on demand field

Compare Printful vs. Printify

Compare Printful vs. Printify

If I have to compare Printful vs. Printify, honestly, I don’t see much to compare. Both are reliable companies and are industry leaders. For my projects, I use both. The main difference is in the quality and price – Printful products are of higher quality; the same brand Printify products are cheaper. Printful has more integration options, Printify more considerable product choice.

To keep it short, let’s compare Printful vs. Printify this way:

  • Choose Printful if you want higher print quality, more integration options, more support options, branded packages, and slips to stand out your brand from the competition, video tutorials, and guides to get started quickly.
  • Choose Printify if you want higher margins and lower shipping rates.
  • Choose both if you want to be flexible and offer your customers more options.

Don’t waste your precious time looking for comparison tables and videos or reading long SEO optimized articles because the main differences are listed above. All other essential information you will learn your self by using these platforms.

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