where to sell your t-shirts and other merchandise


Mainly, there are three online marketplaces to sell your merchandise. Your website/web store, sales platforms, and social media. It’s ok to use only one of the options, but for best results, consider using the combination of all three.

Own Website

The best thing to start with is a selling platform, but if you decided to start with your own website, no power could stop you. There are hundreds or even thousands of articles and videos of what platform to choose, so I am not going to repeat them. If Shopify, Wish, and similar platforms not works for you, please come back and choose this combination: Siteground Hosting + WordPress + WooCommerce + Themeforest. Create your webshop and earn the deserved money. This combination is tested and used by millions of marketers. For functionality, the sky is the limit, and this is the best solution for your wallet.

Sales Platforms

If you are just starting, this is the number one thing, to begin with. Just don’t go mad and don’t try to sell everywhere. Sell on the platforms that have their own marketplace and marketing strategy. Many platforms require advertising to gain some sales, just don’t bother with them. They are like dinosaurs that will extinct soon. Here is the list of print on demand platforms to use today:

#1 Merch by Amazon. Play by rules and this platform is capable of helping you quit your job.

#2 Spreadshirt. It has multiple platforms for multiple countries. It’s capable of paying some of your major bills.

#3 RedBubble. The king of the stickers. No matter what design you have, about 70% prints on stickers. So, think RedBubble = stickers.

#4 TeePublic is another marketplace that will pay some of your bills.

#5 Teespring. It looks like they still not decided, are they survivors or dinosaurs, but some coffee money you can earn with them.

Social Media

Or you sell directly from Facebook, Instagram shops, or you redirect your fans to your website or sales platform, social media is a must-have tool to increase your income. Don’t rush, gain your fan base, and your earnings will not keep you waiting.

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