Autocomplete Search Suggestions – FREE Keyword Tool

If you want to know what buyers are searching for, use search suggestions. Do you find yourself struggling to come up with good keywords for your merch? Or you want to make sure that the content you’re providing is relevant and engaging? Keep reading!

What are search suggestions?

For sellers, search suggestions are one of the most underutilized tools for keyword research. Autocomplete suggestions are activated by an algorithm that tries to predict what a user might be looking for. Then, when you type in a search term, Amazon, eBay, Google, and others automatically suggest searches that relate to what you’re looking for.

Keyword Suggest

These autocomplete search suggestions can be used to find keywords and phrases that people use when searching online. It’s an excellent option for merchandise sellers because this way, you can find what exactly the buyer is searching for.

The best thing about this search autocomplete tool is that it can be used by anyone from professional SEOs who need to come up with long-tail keywords or even bloggers who want some inspiration for new topics. For businesses, keyword suggest provides valuable insight into customer needs and buying trends, making understanding your customers more pivotal.

Chances are everyone has stumbled upon search autocomplete at one point or another! So let’s explore how we can use search suggestions to our benefit.

What is Soovle?

Different search engines have various autocomplete suggestions. For full-fledged keyword research, you need to research them on at least a few search engines. Opening and researching search engines and platforms one by one is time-consuming and not very efficient.

Soovle Search Autocomplete

Soovle is a search engine aggregator that offers various search suggestions from multiple platforms, all in one place! You can use Soovle to quickly identify long-tail keywords for your next product, content marketing campaign, or blog post.

The important thing is that Soovle doesn’t require any personal information, making it a safer option for researching topics.

And yes, Soovle is 100% FREE, no strings attached.

What platforms is Soovle pulling results from?

Soovle is an easy-to-use search engine platform that gives you access to the top search suggestions from Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, Rakuten, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Answers, Yandex, Ask, Overstock, Naver, Baidu. You can then use these hints as a reference for keyword research or content creation.

How to use Soovle keyword suggest tool?

Soovle’s autocompleting feature takes just one click to find out what potential customers are searching for on various keywords across several providers. So you can target them with precision!

Start typing in the search field, and it only takes seconds to see long-tail keywords from multiple search engines and platforms on one page.


To add, change, or remove platforms and search engines you want to research, click on the “engines” link at the upper right corner. Then, in the pop-up window, drag and drop icons as you wish.

Autocomplete Suggestions

Save state

The “permalink” link at the upper right of your screen is a quick way to bookmark Soovle’s current state. Bookmarking allows you to email or blog that page for easy retrieval and sharing.

Ways to search

Start typing, and after a few letters, use the Soovled Link, the first item on your search result list.

The mouse-free way: Type the first few letters of what you’re looking for. Press up and down arrow keys to scroll through suggestions; then press Enter to select.

Add a search term, then press enter.

Type in the term and click the “Soovle” button.

Click on one of the suggestions to perform a search via that particular engine.

Drag a suggestion onto the engine icon to execute the search.

Then, click the arrow “down” on the top left of the page to download suggestions.

Saved Suggestions

– How to use it

Drag suggestion (any) onto the book image at the upper left of the screen.

– or –

Just click on the book icon, type into its bar, and click the “Add” button.

You should know that if your list is essential, be sure to save it. Please do not trust the browser to retain it. Do this by clicking on the down arrow icon next to the graph.

– How it is useful

To search for the item in the future, click on ‘saved suggestions’ and press enter.

All items collected in the bucket can be printed as a list by clicking the printer icon below the list of terms.

By clicking on the graph icon, items in the list can be researched using Google.

To save search suggestions to a text file, click on the downward-pointing arrow next to the graph icon.

– To delete saves

To remove one suggestion, click on the small minus icon alongside it.

To clear the list of all suggestions, click on the icon with a minus sign to the saves box bottom-right.

Under the “secrets” link, you will find many valuable tips on how to use Soovle search autocomplete.

Search autocomplete has evolved to be a highly effective keyword research tool. It allows you to see what your potential customers are searching for, the words they use most often, and even how many people have searched for those terms in the past month. So keep an eye on these search suggestions, and you’ll never run out of new keywords to target again!