Top 30 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

This article provides the most comprehensive list of the best Print on Demand sites for artists in 2022. The list of the best Print on Demand sites for artists is a complex topic to rank. All print-on-demand platforms are different – that’s why we can’t give you a top ten list made especially for you. Which platform you use depends on your individual needs and abilities. We’ve compiled a list of more than ten POD platforms, and we urge you to research and choose your own TOP 10.

How does Print on Demand work?

Print on demand websites is becoming more and more popular with artists because it’s a relatively new and innovative way to get their work out there. It’s also a great way to make money!

With Print on Demand, you don’t have to worry about carrying inventory or having your artwork sitting around collecting dust. Print on Demand platforms allows you to sell your artwork without having to pay upfront costs or worry about inventory management. It’s great for any artist that wants to focus on their craft rather than managing their business side of things.

There are some nuances if we compare, let’s say, Print on Demand platform RedBubble with storefront Etsy where you have to work with a third-party production partner. But generally, the process of how does Print on Demand work is straightforward:

1) Upload your artwork;

2) Choose the products to put your work on;

3) Add title, description, and tags;

4) Publish and wait for sales;

5) When sales occur, get paid.

Of course, before you have to research the market, keywords (what buyers are searching for), and some other things, this article will not cover all this. A list of t shirt fulfillment companies (and not only t-shirt) is what you will get here.

Stop talking and give me a list!

Sure, here’s the list (but consider reading the whole article to make the right choice):

Merch by Amazon (POD with marketplace)

Etsy (Storefront, you need a production partner)

Sellfy (POD with storefront, NO marketplace, PLUS extra features)

RedBubble (POD with marketplace)

Spring (TeeSpring, POD with storefront, NO marketplace)

Zazzle (POD with marketplace)

Teepublic (POD with marketplace)

FineArtAmerica (POD with marketplace)

Society6 (POD with marketplace)

Spreadshirt (POD with marketplace)

CafePress (POD with marketplace)

Threadless (POD with marketplace)

Bonfire (POD with marketplace)

Design by Humans (POD with marketplace)

Cotton Bureau (POD with marketplace)

Moteefe (POD with storefront, NO marketplace)

Teefury (POD with marketplace)

Viralstyle (POD with marketplace)

Shirtee (Mix of everything)

GearBubble (Mix of everything)

The Tshirt Mill (POD with storefront, NO marketplace)

Tostadora (POD with marketplace)

Shopify (Storefront, you need a production partner)

Printify (Production partner)

Printful (Production partner)

Gooten (Production partner)

Art Of Where (Production partner with marketplace)

Printed Mint (Production partner)

Print Aura (Production partner)

There are many print-on-demand companies out there, but we’re looking for the best ones. Let’s stick to those who already have an established reputation, good organic or paid traffic and loyal customers.

The best Print on Demand sites for artists

The list above is extensive though all those print-on-demand websites work differently. Selecting an appropriate option for selling art can be difficult, so it’s essential to do your research before deciding on where to sell. And that’s our duty to help you find the best, so read on.

Which Print on Demand website is suitable for you?

For the majority, the best option is POD platforms with the marketplace, like RedBubble, Spreadshirt, TeePublic, etc. It’s because they have an established customer base, regular traffic, and often they do paid advertising. Those platforms do all the marketing side so you can focus on research and designing your products.

Another type of Print on Demand websites are ones with storefronts but without marketplaces. They are used by artists with an existing fan base. Such POD platforms rely on traffic sent by you. They give you a storefront, and they do printing and shipping. How buyers will find your store is up to you.

For me, those platforms are like dinosaurs – on the verge of extinction. It’s because I don’t see much logic to sell on such storefront platforms. On Spreadshirt, for example, I can sell on their marketplace and additionally set up a storefront that’s not connected to any other artist works and even use my domain for my Spreadshirt storefront.

T Shirt Fulfillment Companies That Are Like Dinosaurs
Dino Platforms | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

I think those dinosaur platforms are kept thanks to marketing tricks afloat; for example, TeeSpring has YouTube integration which is great for bloggers, and they enjoy using this platform. Moteefe is one of the cheapest Print on Demand platforms. And so on.

The third ones are Print on Demand fulfillment companies like Printify, Printful, Gooten, etc. Major t shirt fulfillment companies don’t have their marketplace and not provides a storefront. They focus on a fulfillment process only. They are used as a production partner for selling goods on Etsy, Amazon, and other marketplaces.

Print on Demand fulfillment companies usually offers integrations with major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc. Also, they provide API (Application Programming Interface) for developers.

MerchArts’ list of the top Print on Demand companies

There is much great Print on Demand sites for artists, but we have found the following to be some of our favorites. These Print on Demand websites offer a wide variety of services and features that can help you get your products out there while staying within budget constraints!

Our list of the best Print on Demand sites for artists ​is based on our own experience, the experience of other sellers with whom we communicate, and market research and platform traffic.

#1 – Industry’s flagman Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon, which owns,​ has made waves in the print-on-demand world. This site boasts tens of thousands of listings of products from third-party sellers.

Print On Demand With Amazon

Merch By Amazon allows artists to sell their prints on one of the world’s biggest and most visited websites.

Amazon is more than just a marketplace; it is also a vast search engine (people search directly on Amazon), meaning you’re able to reach more customers here than elsewhere.

When you upload a design onto Merch By Amazon, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the perks that come with having a product sold by one of the world’s most reputable brands.

If you want to sell merchandise with your designs on Amazon, Merch By Amazon is the best way to go. You can’t sign up for it and start selling right away, though – you need an invitation, which MBA reviews before approving or denying requests.

#2 – Etsy, the best storefront after MBA

Etsy is the platform where you can easily set up a shop and then start selling your art online – both physical prints and digital designs. To sell POD products on Etsy, you need a production partner like Printify, Gooten, etc.

Print On Demand Companies For Etsy

There is a fee of $0.20 to list an item for sale, and then Etsy charges you a fee per transaction. Do not forget to include these fees when you’re calculating the price for your product.

Merch by Amazon and Etsy are on the top of our list not only because they have massive traffic and an enormous customer base. They both offer something that other platforms missed. It’s the ability to advertise on their marketplaces. And it’s a huge game-changer!

#3 – Sellfy, feature-rich POD and eCommerce platform

Sellfy, established in 2011, is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution for creators looking to sell digital and physical products as well as subscriptions and print-on-demand – all from one storefront.

Mercharts Top 30 Best Print On Demand Sites For Artists 2022

Truly a Swiss knife for online marketers. Now, from one platform, you can sell every product imaginable: print-on-demand merch, eBooks, music, videos, courses, home decor, graphics, and many more. I don’t know another POD platform that comes with impressive built-in marketing tools like email marketing, coupons, discounts, cart abandonment, upsells, analytics, and the possibility to connect with 2000+ third-party apps using Zapier. Sellfy has it all! Visit Sellfy

We have experience with several top platforms from the list below. With some websites, we have better success, some not so.

#4 – Spreadshirt

Many people’s list starts with RedBubble, but this is not the case for us. We put Spreadshirt right after two leaders because of Spreadshirt’s features and our income on this platform. Spreadshirt provides the storefront and gives you the ability to create an independent site on your own domain.

Best Print On Demand Companies

Spreadshirt is more than just a marketplace and storefront. They also provide you with the ability to create an independent site on your domain but connected to Spreadshirt! A good example is People are buying on your website, but Spreadshirt fulfills their orders. How cool is that?

I can achieve the same with Printify + Shopify or WordPress, you say. Yes, BUT none of them have a marketplace, and to get sales, you will have to put a lot of money into advertising.

Spreadshirt has 22 established marketplaces in 19 countries; you are allowed to have two accounts. One is in the United States and one for Europe. Your artwork will be translated and added to other marketplaces.

#5 – RedBubble

RedBubble is deservedly considered one of the top print on demand sites. It’s a global marketplace for personalized items based on artwork by the user. In 2006, RedBubble was founded in Melbourne, Australia and now maintains offices in San Francisco and Berlin.

Top Print On Demand Companies

One of the advantages RedBubble has over other companies is its substantial organic traffic, meaning it receives a ton of traffic from search engines. That’s great news because it means that independent designers and artists can have their designs found by potential customers on Google, at least as long as they’re optimized for niche keywords and phrases.

Redbubble Pod Site
RedBubble | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

Same as Spreadshirt, RedBubble translates artist’s listing in other marketplace languages. RedBubble is one of the best Print on Demand companies for those who start their Print on Demand journey.

#6 – Teepublic

Teepublic, while owned by Redbubble, is a separate site and maintains its own accounts. Quick and easy upload and product launch process, good organic sales. Worth adding Teepublic to your list of marketplaces to use.

#7 – FineArtAmerica

I’ve been selling my photography and graphic designs on FineArtAmerica since 2015. It’s an excellent opportunity for both graphic designers and photographers to get their work out there as well! It worth giving it a try.

On the POD sites below, I have some sales here and there but nothing significant.

#8 – Shirtee

I am in no hurry to explore their platform because the designs I submitted were approved four months after submission. A bit too long. Isn’t it? Lol. But, I have sales there; they have a product affiliate program and looks very promising because of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, PrestaShop, Rakuten,, Wix, and Squarespace integrations. I am going to explore this marketplace in my spare time.

#9 – Zazzle

This one is funny. Zazzle launched in 2005 from garage stuck on time for good. Around 2013 they “re-architected” platform. I joined Zazzle around that time.

Aop Print On Demand

Sellers awaited that upgrade and thought they would get an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, and Zazzle finally will reach today’s (that day) standards. The jump into the future was clumsy. To me, it looked like they jumped from the morning to the same day’s evening.

It looks like the developers got the task to make it as difficult as possible, and they did their work perfectly. Just after that, Zazzle stuck in time again. Look at the development timeline of their company. It’s taken from Zazzle’s website, and you can see that they stuck in 2013.

How Does Print On Demand Work
Zazzle Timeline | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

Although Zazzle has one of the best traffic in the industry, my time is too valuable to waste by adding new designs to this platform.

#10 – CafePress

They were founded in 1999. I joined CafePress in 2013. The same story as with Zazzle, just ten times worst. Adding new designs would be an unforgivable waste of time.

#11 – Threadless

Many will not agree, but I would say that upload and product launch on Threadless is quicker and easier than on Teepublic.

#12 – Society6

I’ve nothing much to say about Society6. Uploaded some designs, have a few sales. Not as much impressed as other people who review this Print on Demand website.

It was our list of top 10 Print on Demand sites with marketplaces.

Below is a list of POD websites with marketplaces that are worth mentioning based on other seller reviews. I have no sales on those platforms, and I have no accounts on most of them. Also, I’m not sure that I can trust those reviews because, for example, Tostadora, according to Alexa data, has 534 daily visitors with 534 daily pageviews. I think no one, including the website’s owner, can generate a decent income from that website. Anyway, here’s the list:

Art Of Where



Design by Humans

Cotton Bureau



POD storefront sites for artists with an existing fan base

As I said previously, those sites are used by sellers who have an established following. So, how does Print on Demand work on this type of POD website?

You upload a design; choose the products on which you want to put your design; add title and description; on some sites, you have an option to set up a campaign duration; launch your sales page and share it with your followers.

Often reviewers say that there is no point in keyword research when publishing products on this type of website, but that’s not entirely true.

Some of them have done good SEO and appear in Google search results even without their marketplace. In mind come Spring (TeeSpring) and Moteefe with good SEO optimization.

Despite that, I still think this model is on the verge of extinction if no new, unique features are added. What would you choose? The platform that puts money into marketing and advertises your product or one that relies on your fan’s traffic only?

What to choose is only your own business, so here is the list of Print on Demand websites with no marketplace:

Spring (TeeSpring)

First or one of the first of such type platforms. I joined TeeSpring at the very beginning. Despite their business model, they still were a way better choice than Zazzle or CafePress. TeeSpring was fresh, contemporary and people loved it.

Teespring Pod

I still get some organic sales on TeeSpring, but I haven’t uploaded new designs there for a long time.


Moteefe is the cheapest or one of the cheapest Print on Demand websites out there. Unfortunately, this does not only apply to the price. For more complex and colored designs, it’s one of the cheapest Print on Demand websites in terms of quality too.

The Tshirt Mill

I have nothing much to say about them because I never worked with TheTshirtMill. But they appear in the search results when searching for such type of a website, and they have good reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook. That’s all I can say about The Tshirt Mill.

As you can see, the list is short. There could be more, but I not heard about them for so long that I forgot those company names. Remember what I said about extinction?

Production partners

Production partners are Print on Demand fulfillment companies that take care of product manufacturing. They provide print services for artwork uploaded to marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon, but usually, they don’t sell their products directly.

#1 Printify

In my opinion, it’s one of the best Print on Demand companies for Etsy. It’s because of their product and price range, quick turnaround, and support service that solves problems.

Top Print On Demand Sites

Printify does not have its printing facilities. Instead, they partner with major print service providers such as Awkward Styles, Big Oven Tees, Inkblot, Monster Digital, The Dream Junction, Prodigi, X-Print, and many more. At the time of writing, the Printify fulfillment network consists of 49 companies. That’s why they have a pretty quick shipping time.

Printify | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

Printify is not only one of the best Print on Demand companies for Etsy, but they also have integrations with Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Wix, and Shopify. And of course, Printify has API (Application Programming Interface) for developers.

I can’t say much about production partners #2, #3, and #4 because mainly I sell t-shirts and hoodies, and Printify’s offer on those products is the best. But Gooten, Printed Mint, and Art Of Where have many excellent items that Printify haven’t, so it is worth checking those fulfillment companies below. 

#2 Gooten

Gooten has API for developers and integrations with Etsy, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Shopify.

#3 Printed Mint

Printed Mint are wholesalers and integrate with Etsy and Shopify.

#4 Art Of Where

Art Of Where is a production partner that has a marketplace! Integrations with Etsy, WooCommerce, Big Cartel, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

#5 Printful

It has an integration for Print on Demand with Amazon. Not Merch by Amazon but Amazon marketplace. That’s a good thing if, for some reason, you can’t have a Merch by Amazon account. And that’s the reason why I am still considering using Printful in the future if other options fail.

Why don’t I like Printful? It’s simple. They were good, but since for some time they were practically the only ones, and then for a long time the undisputed leaders of the market, they began to treat their work casually. Processing and delivery times have increased, quality has fallen sharply, and their prices are inadequately high concerning market prices.

If you think that my opinion is subjective and they have offended me somehow, then this is not so. Check out their Facebook group “Printful Insiders,” where every second post complains about the poor quality, abnormally long production times, and other problems. Every second product photo shows an unacceptable print quality. Support mostly blames their fulfillment partners or the buyers themselves for what happened.

For example, one woman complained that due to the poor quality of the packaging, the mug she received was broken. Printful’s support said there was nothing they could do because this mug was not done by them but by their fulfillment partners.

It also happens that the product often gets stuck during the quality control process. Lots of people post pictures with terrible print quality. Either the design is shifted to one side, the printer has printed only half of the design, then it is clear that the printer is running out of ink, and the design is faded. There was also a case when one leg was sewn 5 cm shorter than the other on leggings. What kind of quality control can we talk about here? Printful simply does not have quality control.

Why do others write that Printful is the best? Perhaps because they worked with Printful at the beginning of their fame and just remembered it as the best. At the moment, either they do not work at all, or they have not tried anyone other than Printful. The second option is an affiliate program. Printful pays their affiliates, and therefore there are many reviews from people who have no idea what they are writing about because they have never tried Printful’s service.

I hope that Printful will recover and will be able to reach the level of its competitors in the future.

Printful’s integrations: Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Wish, WooCommerce, Shopify, Square, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Ecwid, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Weebly, Big Cartel, Magento, Storenvy, 3dcart, and Launch Cart.

#6 Print Aura

I don’t know anything about them, except they have the same quantity of 5 stars and 1-star reviews on Shopify. I listed it here only because they often appear in searches. Print Aura’s integrations are Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, and Storenvy.

That’s is the end of MerchArts’ lists of the best Print on Demand sites for artists but not the end of the story.

GearBubble and Shirtee

GearBubble | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

These two are really interesting. They are a mix of everything – POD platforms that have integrations in major marketplaces, have internal marketplaces, and provide storefronts. Check out GearBubble and Shirtee yourself.

Shirtee | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

AOP Print on Demand

AOP stands for all-over-print. Not only t-shirts and leggings but even all-over-print socks. Some of the most popular AOP Print on Demand companies from our list that offers all-over-print products are: RedBubble (skirts, face masks, pillows, and more), Spring (TeeSpring), Zazzle, Teepublic, Printful (the best cut & sew AOP products at the moment), Printify and some others.

Printify Aop Print On Demand
Printify AOP Print on Demand | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

It all depends on what AOP product you are looking for, so check the sites from the list to find the best offer that suits you.

Cheapest Print on Demand platform

As mentioned before, the cheapest Print on Demand website at the moment of writing is Moteefe. But often, low price is equal to low quality. The products they sell are good and do not differ from other platforms. For standard prints, the quality is also good. But the quality of the sample I got for complex print (colorful with many details) could be better. Honestly, it also wasn’t that bad.

The Best Print On Demand Sites For Artists - Cheapest Print On Demand Moteefe
Moteefe | Top 10 Best Print On Demand Sites for Artists 2022

I would say that Moteefe is not one of the best Print on Demand sites for artists and designers but it’s a decent company if you are looking for the cheapest POD options.

Shopify is not the best solution for print-on-demand sellers at all

Here’s one more unpopular opinion that is opposite to what affiliate marketers say.

Shopify isn’t the best solution, not for Print On Demand sellers nor other marketers. Shopify is an excellent example of how a good marketing strategy and an army of affiliates can do miracles.

To set up the Shopify store, you need approximately the same knowledge required to set up the WordPress/WooCommerce site. But the difference is enormous!

Shopify’s super-duper SEO optimization is a myth. To have an optimized online shop, you have to do the same research and the same things for both WP and Shopify. There’s no magic code that only Shopify knows, and that makes them better than others.

With Shopify, you have no control over the server-side. For example, if your site is slower than you think it should be, there’s nothing significant you can do about it.

WordPress/WooCommerce solution is much more flexible than Shopify’s. With WP’s free plugins, you can achieve results that you’ll never (at least at the moment of writing) achieve with Shopify’s free add-ons. Also, the choice of free and paid add-ons is minimal compared to WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

If that’s not enough, ask yourself – Do I really want that someone except authorities can decide on to allow my business to grow or to shut it down? If you have no idea what I am speaking about, please familiarize yourself with the RageOn case.

Honestly, I don’t think that a business website over which you have no control in any significant aspect might be a good solution for any business plan.

Is to a Print on Demand website, a production partner, or storefront provider – choose your partners wisely! It’s very easy to lose faith, especially at the beginning of your journey, when expenses are higher than income.

I hope you got a bit of insight into how does Print on Demand work and which are the best Print on Demand companies. Good luck to everyone, whether you’re a professional or just starting your journey to the print-on-demand world!