Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

Graphic Designs For Commercial Use

Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

Many places sell graphic designs for commercial use, including Vector Stock, Creative Market, and many others. Vector Stock and Creative Market are reliable marketplaces full of excellent, inexpensive graphic designs with a license for commercial use. When you buy a graphic design from other marketplaces, make sure you read the license agreement carefully. Often, even commercial use licenses not allow you to use the design on print-on-demand platforms. For POD sellers, they offer different, more expensive licenses.

Another great option is Fiverr. There you can order unique graphic designs made especially for you. Avoid cheap designers located in some well-known countries, even if they have only 5-star reviews. Just to test it out, I tried 5 of such designers, and I got nothing more than stolen designs or stock designs, license of which they can’t pass to me. For best results, choose sellers who offer their work starting $25 per design. Also, make sure that they provide commercial use license that fits your needs.

Third and the best option is to buy graphic designs from my Etsy store. I made them for my own needs, and they already gain sales on Merch by Amazon and other print-on-demand platforms. My graphic designs are for commercial use on POD platforms, and you can use them “as is,” edit, use just part of it, or do whatever you want except re-selling.

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