Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

There are a variety of websites that sell graphic designs for commercial use. Examples include Vector Stock, Creative Market, and many others.

Vector Stock and Creative Market are trustworthy marketplaces that offer high-quality, low-cost graphic designs with a business license.


VectorStock® Media is a Middle Earth-based independent vector-only stock agency (New Zealand). Their primary interest and passion are innovative vector art, fishing, surfing, and herding sheep, respectively.

Vectorstock Graphic Designs For Commercial Use
VectorStock | Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

VectorStock® debuted in late 2007 with a limited assortment of vector images. Today, they host millions of high-quality royalty-free Vector icons, design elements, drawings, and everything in between, with a fast-increasing collection of the world’s finest vector designers and artists.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace for handcrafted digital design material created by independent creatives all around the world. They are dedicated to making beautiful designs easy and accessible to everybody!

Creative Market Graphic Designs For Commercial Use
Creative Market | Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

You may purchase digital design items for use in personal or business projects on Creative Market.

Installable fonts, icons, website themes, clipart, UI kits, Photoshop brushes, stock photos, 3D models, and much more are all available in this category. You’ve come to the correct place if you need a digital design asset!

The items in Creative Market’s marketplace are one-of-a-kind creations developed and sold by independent creative professionals from all over the world. The artists bring the amazing, and Creative Market provides the platform.

When purchasing a graphic design from another marketplace, be sure to read the licensing agreement thoroughly. Even commercial usage licenses may not always allow you to utilize the design on print-on-demand services. Instead, they provide separate, more costly licenses to POD vendors.


Fiverr is another excellent alternative. There, you may have one-of-a-kind graphic designs created just for you. In addition, it’s an online marketplace for freelance services that connects customers with low-cost service providers from across the globe.

Fiverr Graphic Designs For Commercial Use
Fiverr | Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

The concept behind their brand is to recruit or be recruited as a freelancer as simply as possible. The internet marketplace eliminates intermediaries such as hiring managers, firing managers, and human resource departments. Additionally, when it comes to smaller enterprises, they have the flexibility to handle things on an individual case basis. In contrast, freelancers have the option to sell their services to anybody at any moment.

Even if they somehow managed to have 5-star ratings, stay away from inexpensive designers from well-known locations. I tried five of these designers to see what I’d get, and all I received were stolen or stock designs that they weren’t permitted to pass on to me.

Choose vendors whose work starts at $25 per design for the most remarkable outcomes. Also, confirm that they provide a business usage license that meets your requirements.

Free Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

The third alternative is to acquire graphic designs from my Gumroad store for FREE (or a modest contribution). I designed these for my own use, and they’re already selling on Merch by Amazon and other print-on-demand sites.

Mercharts Free Graphic Designs For Commercial Use
MerchArts | Free Graphic Designs for Commercial Use

Usually, only cheese in a mousetrap is free, and there is always some catch, but not in this case! My graphic designs are for commercial use on POD platforms, and you may use them “as is,” alter them, utilize only a portion of them, or do whatever you wish except resell them.

If you’re wondering where to sell designs created using the services listed above, check out our list of the best Print on Demand sites for artists.