Event Calendar for Online Sellers: Holidays, Observances, National Days

What’s the one thing that every merch seller needs to know about? The answer is events. It doesn’t matter if you sell t-shirts, hoodies, or anything else – without an event calendar of your own, it will be hard for your business to grow.

The United States and Worldwide eCommerce Calendar 2021 for POD Sellers

If you are a seller of merchandise or print-on-demand products, like t-shirts and posters, then this event calendar will be an indispensable tool for your business.

What is the meaning of a holiday?

Holidays mean different things to different people. To some, they’re the best time of year with a day off from work and school! For others, it’s another day filled with obligations like visiting family or getting presents ready for Christmas morning. Yet for many families around the world who celebrate them as major events in their cultural traditions, holidays are at once commemorations of events of great importance and the most important days of the calendar year.

Types of the holiday

One way to make sense of all these celebrations is through their chronological placement: holidays can be broken down into three main categories, each with its own set of traditions.

The first category – National Holidays in the United States – is by far the most inclusive and contains all of America’s major holidays, from Thanksgiving to Presidents Day.

The second category is Observances & National Days that are celebrated around the world; in this section, you’ll find days like International Women’s Day or Earth Day.

The third category for Holidays: Memorials commemorating significant events in US history. This section includes Memorial Day, honoring those who died while serving in the armed forces; Veterans Day, which honors all American veterans and their families; and Independence Day, celebrating America’s founding on July Fourth.

Benefits for merchandise sellers

Print-on-demand sellers should know about upcoming holidays, observances, national day celebrations.

It’s not only all about joy and celebration! Holidays also present a business opportunity for merchandisers and print-on-demand sellers. Holidays, observances, National and Memorial days are a great opportunity for sellers to take advantage of the consumer’s heightened interest in shopping.

But how do you prepare your business for the holidays? With an event calendar, of course!

Holidays in the US (Official Event Calendar)

The United States has a rich tradition of celebrating holidays. Some of the most popular are New Year’s Eve, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.

Halloween - Holidays For Sellers Copy

Holidays in the UK (Official Event Calendar)

The United Kingdom also has a rich tradition of celebrating holidays. Some of the most popular are Boxing Day, St. David’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday (the fourth Sunday in Lent), Father’s Day (traditionally on the third Sunday in June), and Christmas.

Valentines Day For Online Sellers

Holidays in Germany (Official Event Calendar)

Some of the most popular holidays in Germany are Oktoberfest, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter Sunday, St. Valentine’s Day, Pentecost Monday (which is celebrated on a date between May 20th to June 12th).

Oktoberfest For Merch Sellers

The US and Worldwide Event Calendar shows holidays that are celebrated around the world over the year. It serves as a helpful tool for people who want to know when certain events take place, so they can plan accordingly. You can use this calendar for marketing purposes by considering any potential benefits your company could offer during these dates of celebration.

When planning out your strategy each year, think about what major international celebrations will occur during that time period and how you’ll best be able to capitalize on them!

The most important thing you should do is to plan ahead. You need to identify the events in advance and then develop a strategy for how your company will be able to take advantage of them, which could include offering discounts or running promotions as well as providing content that aligns with those particular holidays.

By considering any potential benefits your company could offer during these dates of celebration, you’ll be able to make the most out of them and achieve a great return on investment.

Greeting your customers every year with holiday promotions is an excellent way for sellers to create goodwill. Celebrate any holidays that coincide with the time period in which you offer products or services by providing content that speaks to those particular events.