Merch Informer: All-in-One Tool for Merch by Amazon Product Research

Merch Informer is an all-in-one tool for your merch business, from niche research to trademark protection. Start and grow your Merch business!

It’s the number one tool not only for Merch by Amazon research but also for all Print on Demand platforms like RedBubble, Spreadshirt, Teepublic, Teespring, and others.

There were only a few options provided when it first came out compared to today’s wide range of features, and I’ve been delighted with this tool ever since.

Do you sell merch on Amazon? If so, you’re going to want to get your hands on Merch Informer. It’s a comprehensive marketplace research tool designed specifically for merch sellers. Not only will it tell you what keywords are the best ones for merch listings, but it also provides market insights that can help with merch strategy and merch research.

What Is Merch Informer

Merch Informer is a resource for merch sellers to find the best keywords for merch listings and market insights. It’s an all-in-one tool that provides product research, competition checker, and keyword research. In addition, it has features such as trademark alerts, listing score checker, synonym suggest tool, merch analytics, merch calendar (data archive), merch tracker, single upload interface, and more.

What Is Merch Informer

What are others selling? Learn what products are trending, what your competition is doing well with their merch listing content, and more. Plus, you can see where other people rank, so you know how high up the page they’re getting into Amazon search results! You’ll be able to figure out which niches or topics work better than others by looking at their traffic through this ranking system. This way, you have access to even more information on how to market your product.

What should you do? What keywords are trending in this niche or topic? You can also see the best-selling products and find out which of these terms may work well for merch listing titles, bullet points, etc. so that there is a better chance at ranking higher with those search engine results!

How often should I check my merch stats? The more insight into what’s happening now with listings and trends, the easier it’ll be to figure out how to move forward to stay ahead of the quickly changing marketplace. This way, you’re not left behind while others reap all the benefits because they know what needs to happen next. And when something new comes up, spend some time figuring out and implementing merch strategies that work!

A merch informer is an excellent tool for any merch seller – you can use it to find niche keywords, research your competitors’ listings, and more. You’ll get all-in-one merch insights with this tool.

How To Use Merch Informer

I could provide hundreds of lines of comprehensive instructions, but Merch Informer offers a massive collection of video lessons covering every element of each tool. The Merch Informer video tutorials are thorough and easy to understand, so you’ll be able to pick up on the basics in no time.

How To Use Merch Informer

Is Merch Informer Safe to Use

I regularly get asked if merch informer is safe to use, and the answer is yes. However, if you’re worried about Merch Informer asking for your credit card, don’t be. Some internet companies do not utilize PayPal as a standard practice, and that’s ok.

Some small business owners do not want to use Paypal because of the horror stories you may read online (i.e., withholding payments, always siding with the consumer in disputes, etc.), but this does not make them a scammer.

You are not providing them with your credit card information; instead, you are providing their payment processor with the information it requires to, well, process the payment.

Furthermore, credit cards make it simple to dispute any unauthorized payments – nothing to worry about.

Merch Informer’s Main Features

Product Research

It allows you to see the best-selling products on Amazon quickly and what people are saying about them in reviews. Also, which keywords they use for merch by amazon listings, a summary of their selling history, and more detailed information like price, description, and sales velocity (sales rank). This data can help sellers make informed decisions when designing new merchandising campaigns or optimizing existing ones.

Merch Informer provides insights into how each listing ranks in the marketplace with metrics such as keyword usage frequency, average customer review ratings, estimated monthly revenue estimate. So that sellers can determine whether it would be worth investing time and money in this particular design idea before creating any merch.

Competition Checker

Merch Informer Competition Checker

With the merch informer competition checker, sellers can determine which designs dominate their category and see what keywords other merch by amazon designers use. The Competition Checker is a quick way to speed on your competitors’ performance to tailor your merch design strategy for maximum results.

Keyword Research

The Merch Informer’s keyword research tool is a data-driven sorting process that automatically generates the best merch by amazon keywords for any design idea.

Trademark Alerts

It will track trademarks in real-time and notify you if and when the terms you used are registered. In addition, it allows you to take preventative measures to keep your account and designs safe from strikes!

Synonym Suggest Tool

Writing your product descriptions and features might be difficult if you are unsure of what keywords to include. You don’t want to keep using the same term again and over. It appears spammy and turns off the customer. Ensure to read the Merch by Amazon SEO guide, which goes through exactly what you should be doing.

When writing product descriptions or features, use the Synonym Suggest module, which is part of the listing optimizer.

Merch Analytics

Merch Informer Merch Analytics

The Merch Analytics module will enable you to leverage data to make complex business decisions. Instead of blindly guessing what you should do next, these analytics will steer you on the right path for your business.

Merch Archive

Merch Informer Merch Archive

The Merch Informer Archive allows you to view historical data from years ago and discover the top sales in the past, letting you dominate any seasonal niche.

Merch Tracker

When it comes to uploading shirts, the great majority of Merchers take a spray and pray strategy. You submit your maximum number of shirts and hope that something sells. It can work, but it has become increasingly complex over time, making research even more vital. Merch Tracker assists in making educated selections.

Single Upload Interface

The Single Upload Interface is a desktop-based program that works on both MAC and PCs. To download and utilize it, you must have a pro-level membership to Merch Informer.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll see a large green button at the top of the page. Select your platform (Mac or PC) and download the program by clicking on it. After you’ve downloaded it, open it to begin installing.

Is Merch Informer Free

Yes, Merch Informer is not free; however, there are many free tools on their website, and you can, of course, explore Merch Informer free trial.

When you sign up for the Merch Informer free trial, don’t forget to use the Merch Informer coupon code MERCHARTS20 to get a 20% discount on any subsequent payments.

You can find the Merch Informer free tools (mentioned above) on their website under the Resources menu. They include merch research, search pictures, search social media, search marketplaces, search trademarks, and search on print-on-demand sites.

As you can see, Merch Informer free tools are helpful as well, even though its primary features are paid.

How Much Does Merch Informer Cost

First and foremost, remember to use the Merch Informer coupon code MERCHARTS20 to receive a 20% discount on future payments. When signing up for the Merch Informer free trial, enter the Merch Informer coupon code.

How Much Does Merch Informer Cost

Aside from the Merch Informer free trial, it offers two paid plans: “Newbie” for $9.99 per month and “Professional” for $59.99 per month. If you select the yearly price option, the “Newbie” plan will cost $8.32 per month, and the “Professional” plan will cost $49.99 per month, both billed annually.

You can change your monthly plan to an annual plan at any time. If you are presently paying monthly and want to upgrade to a yearly plan, go to your subscription preferences page inside Merch Informer and select the annual plan from the drop-down option.

Is Merch Informer Worth It

Yes, it is worthwhile if you approach it like a business. Even if you are just starting, it is a highly cost-effective tool.

Most businesses don’t invest solely in expensive marketing strategies such as SEO or paid advertising campaigns without first understanding their industry, competitors, market trends, etc. Merch Informer provides the perfect solution for merch sellers who want to take an analytical approach to merchandising by giving all of this information from the merch by amazon marketplace in one location.

In addition to the information provided, Merch Informer has a built-in keyword tool that helps optimize your listings for merch by amazon’s automated search algorithm. It is essential if you have been selling on Amazon for any length of time and want to improve your ranking with minimal effort or cost (and increase sales).

How To Cancel Merch Informer Subscription

Is it possible for me to cancel at any time? You are free to cancel at any moment! Merch Informer wants to ensure that you are delighted with the product you receive, which is why they provide a Merch Informer free 3-day trial to anybody interested in becoming a customer.

Is it possible to get a refund from Merch Informer if I discontinue my subscription? They provide a free three-day trial (mentioned above) to everyone so that you can make sure Merch Informer is the appropriate match for your business before spending any money. Unfortunately, as a result, they do not offer refunds.

Merch Informer manages your merch by amazon product research, so you don’t have to! There is no need to spend hours on merch by amazon marketplaces when you can use merch informer and its all-in-one toolkit for merch by Amazon Product Research. 

In the words of one happy user: “Merch Informer has become my go-to resource, instead of spending hours perusing page after page in search of new opportunities.”

With this software, it’s possible to save more time and focus your energy elsewhere while still spotting profitable products that are perfect for print-on-demand sellers!

This platform also offers expert tips from professionals who will provide insight into best practices with Merch by Amazon. It will even offer Merch by Amazon keyword suggestions to help you find the best markets for your products!

It’s never been easier or more affordable to run an online merch business, so don’t wait – start your merch research with Merch Informer today!