Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 – How To Get Approved By Amazon Merch

Merch by Amazon is a great way to make money selling t-shirts online, but getting approval can be difficult. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get approved by Amazon Merch in 2022.

Merch By Amazon Approval 2022
Merch by Amazon Approval 2022

What is Merch by Amazon and How Does It Work?

It’s a print-on-demand (POD) platform that allows people like you and me to sell merch on Amazon by uploading our designs to their products. The program has grown from t-shirts only to a wide range of products that include standard and premium tees, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, phone cases, and pillows.

Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program debuted at the end of 2015. This program was created to assist app developers in monetizing their apps.

The process of the program is straightforward.

  • Once you’ve created an account and got approved, you can upload your artwork to the platform.
  • From there, you decide what products to sell. I’d suggest selling your design on all Merch by Amazon products. Of course, except in cases where design fits only some particular product or product group.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your design to the specific products, decide which colors look best on that product. Give it a price, a title, and publish it on Amazon.

Your product is now live and searchable on Amazon’s platform. Every time your product is purchased on Amazon, you earn money through royalty.

Merch by Amazon is an invitation-only program where you must apply for an account. Applications are approved in a matter of days up to never.

Is Merch by Amazon Worth It in 2022?

The simple answer is yes.

Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 - Is Merch By Amazon Worth It 2022
Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 – Is Merch by Amazon Worth it 2022

Merch by Amazon is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a quick way to make money. Take into account that simply being invited to join can take months.

Once there, your Merch designs will be up against thousands of others. To stand out from the crowd, you must put in the effort. The length of time it takes will be determined by your SEO efforts and social media advertisements.

Despite the fact that it will take time, Merch is a good way to create thousands of dollars in passive income.

It is possible to make several thousand dollars every month with Amazon Merch. Once established, some merchants have achieved tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

Many sellers get into the trap of forgetting that they are the seller. Except for the actual sale, Amazon handles practically everything. This is also why Merch on Amazon works well for anyone with a large enough social media audience, whether they are a blogger, influencer, or simply a well-known brand.

Amazon Merch merchants are paid on a monthly basis. This occurs whenever their amount exceeds zero via EFT, or electronic funds transfer. Amazon Merch royalties are paid 30 days after the product is sold. Transfers are made at the end of the month.

Why should you sell on Amazon?

There are two great reasons for this:

  • An average $20 t-shirt earns you $5 in Merch royalties when many other print-on-demand services only pay you $2.
  • Amazon is the largest online clothes store, outselling its nearest online competition by more than $10 billion every year. Amazon has the potential to become the largest apparel store, both online and offline, in the near future.

Don’t expect to create a six-figure income solely through Merch by Amazon. The truly successful sellers have already proven that they can earn a few thousand dollars each month, but this involves making hit designs that a large number of people buy. Most merchants are fortunate to make a few hundred dollars every month.

Merch by Amazon Application Process

The Merch by Amazon application is a bit of a mystery. No one knows for sure how Amazon makes its decisions when it comes to approving or denying an account.

Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 - Merch By Amazon Application Process
Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 – Merch by Amazon Application Process

Prepare required information

  1. Business/Individual contact information. I’m sure you already know your full name or your company name and props.
  2. Bank account and routing numbers. If your country’s bank is not on the list, it’s not a big deal, simply open a Payoneer account.
  3. Social Security number or other tax identification number. Don’t panic! You do not have to be a taxpayer. For non-US residents, the tax identification number may be a National insurance number in the UK, a PPS number in Ireland, and so on. Some number that is given to you by your government.

Go through the Invitation process

The invitation process is nothing more than filling out the online form. It’s straightforward and I’m not going to bother going into all the details of each field and which buttons to click. It’s something everyone knows how to do and for some bloggers, explaining it, is just a way to write more words.

Merch by Amazon Approval

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to guarantee that your application will be accepted. There are many factors that play a role in the decision-making process, and Amazon does not share this information with anyone.

Rumors About Merch by Amazon Approval

Unfounded rumors

Some have speculated that they look at your social media following, whether you have sold anything on Amazon before, and how likely you are to succeed. Some say that being an active Amazon customer helps. Others claim there are periods of time when copycat accounts are suspended and then a bunch of new accounts is accepted.

Sounds unconvincing.

Reasonable rumors

FBA seller applications are more likely to get approved by Amazon Merch. Sounds reasonable. If you already selling stuff on Amazon as FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) seller, Amazon has data to analyze. How much do you sell, do you have any copyright and trademark violations, and so on. They have real data to analyze before making a decision.

However, if you are new to Amazon, this will not help you in any way. For print-on-demand sellers, FBA is another world from a faraway galaxy.

“Trending” rumors

More and more often I hear that you don’t need to write a “professional” application and don’t have to provide a link to your website or portfolio. They say it’s enough to write something like “My friends rave about your platform, I’m a cool designer, let’s work together.”

Seriously? The world’s largest online retailer doesn’t care who is selling on their platform? A company that works hard to get rid of copyright and trademark infringements. Merch by Amazon, a company that has a major problem with copycats. Are they going to approve your application just because you are a fun guy? I don’t think so.

Actually, I know where the roots come from. I saw a video (let’s call it video #1) where the guy talked about it in great detail and assured everyone that there is no need to take the application too seriously. On the same day, I stumbled across a second video of the same guy, only on a different YouTube channel, talking about his company applying for Merch by Amazon on behalf of customers who can’t get approval from Merch themselves.

Now we understand why video #1 was made. I can also understand the reason and in this case, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. But how do understand the people who blindly repeat the same story and assure us that they have data from hundreds of sellers who have been approved? I’m in this business since 2016, I’m on one of the top tiers, and I got barely nine approval stories shared with me. I mean, who are you people who know hundreds of approved sellers?

How To Get Approved on Merch by Amazon

Finally, a chapter you are looking for and a reason why you are here – how to get approved by Amazon Merch.

Merch By Amazon Approval - Merch By Amazon How To Get Accepted 2022
Merch By Amazon Approval – Merch by Amazon How To Get Accepted 2022

As I mentioned above, it’s based on nine feedbacks shared with me by approved Merch by Amazon sellers. But make no mistake, this is as much speculation as any other. Like anyone else, I don’t know what criteria Amazon uses to evaluate the application.

Analyzing those nine stories, I found a pattern – all sellers took the application seriously, they filled it professionally, and all of them provided a link to high-quality designs of theirs.

Take it seriously

Think of it as a job interview. You are applying for a job at the world’s largest online retailer. It’s not a dating app where you can write “Hey, I’m cool, hit me up.”

Be professional

Be concise and clear in your application so that the people reading it know exactly what you bring to the table. Tell them where you heard about Merch by Amazon, what your strengths are, how you are qualified to be a Merch by Amazon seller, and why you want to be one. Be genuine in your interest in the program. By taking the time to do this, you’ll increase your chances of getting accepted into the program – and that’s the goal, after all.

Create an Amazon-worthy portfolio

Amazon doesn’t need another copycat selling shoddy designs. When you showcase your products or designs, show them your best original work. Don’t show them well-sold famous phrases. This will only show them that you are good at marketing research and copying well-selling designs. If you’re not good at design, find a designer on Fiverr.

Qualifications that most likely will increase your chances:

  • You are an experienced designer
  • You have experience with marketing
  • You have a strong social media following
  • You are an influencer in your niche
  • You are creative and have a strong sense of style

These are just a few examples – if you have other qualifications that you think would make you a good candidate for Merch by Amazon, be sure to list them in your application. The more qualified you are, the better your chances of getting in.

What to avoid in your application:

  • Appearing unprofessional
  • Being vague or unclear
  • Not having a genuine interest in the program
  • Appearing entitled or arrogant

How Did I Get Merch by Amazon Approval

It was back in 2016 when Merch by Amazon was a merchandising platform for app developers (mostly gamers). I heard somewhere about this platform and decided to take a look at it. When I found out that I have to request an invitation, my first thoughts were “Who the hell do you think you are?” I was unimpressed but curiosity got the better of me and I filled out the application.

I had forgotten about them. Six months later, when I came across an interesting video about Amazon’s Merch, I remembered my application. Since the video was very inspiring I decided to apply again and by sheer coincidence, I sent the application from a different email address.

Two weeks later, I got two Merch by Amazon approvals at once, which means two accounts. What did I do with the second account? To avoid problems in the future, I wrote to them, explained the situation, and asked them to delete one of the accounts.

I don’t remember exactly what I wrote in the application, but it was something like:

“Dear Merch by Amazon team, My name is …, I’m an artist and I sell my artworks online. Recently my friend told me about your platform. I found it intriguing, and I see potential in our possible cooperation. As I mentioned above, I sell my artwork online therefore I’m familiar with copyright and trademark requirements, artwork upload, descriptions, etc. Hope to hear from you soon! With best regards, …”

And I added a link to a site with my works. I can’t recall exactly, either Redbubble or Teepublic.

Yes, I agree, it’s far from professional! But that was six years ago.

What’s the Merch by Amazon Approval Time?

Be patient, the waiting game begins. Amazon says it will take up to 14 days to make a decision. But in reality, no one knows how long it takes for Amazon to approve or disapprove your application. It could be days, weeks, or months. Just be patient and keep an eye on your email inbox (and spam folder).

Don’t Waste Your Waiting Time

First of all, there are a lot of good print-on-demand platforms besides Merch by Amazon. If you want to start selling merch, but Merch Amazon has not yet approved your application, start with one of these platforms:

There are many other options, but these are some of the most popular. Start building your portfolio and get some sales under your belt. Not only will this give you something to do while you wait for Amazon, but it will also help you build up a fan base and get some experience in the world of merchandising.

And when (if) Amazon finally approves your application, you can start selling your products on their platform as well.

If you want the Merch by Amazon to be your first love, while you’re waiting to hear back from Amazon, there are a few things you can do to prepare for success:

  1. Choose Your Design Niche
  2. Research Keywords
  3. Set Up Social Media Accounts
  4. Create High-Quality Designs
  5. Join Design Communities
  6. Stay Up-to-Date With Design Trends

What Do I Do if I Get a Rejection from Merch by Amazon?

Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 - Rejected By Merch By Amazon
Merch By Amazon Approval 2022 – Rejected by Merch by Amazon

Reapply. Change email, readjust your application, and try again. People get approved after 2, 7, 10, and 14 attempts.


It’s not easy to get Merch by Amazon approval, but it’s definitely possible. To increase your chances of getting approved, make sure to follow the tips listed above and take the time to write a strong application. If you have experience in marketing or design, emphasize those qualifications in your application – this will help give Amazon insight into how qualified you are for the program, and gives them an impression that you will put more effort and care into your products.

Good luck!

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